Vitamix + 1kg


Vitamins make yeasts healthier, promote survival, help avoid stuck ferments, and are useful in preventing sulfides. Nitrogen-deficient musts produce H2S because of interruption in amino acid synthesis, but research now shows that if there is enough nitrogen but a deficiency of pantothenate, MORE and WORSE-SMELLING sulfides form.

What’s the difference between Vitamix® and Supervit®?
Vitamix® is pure vitamins for yeast. Supervit® has the same vitamins as Vitamix®, but also has minerals in a nutritive base.

Which should you add?
Supervit® is best for higher-risk or difficult musts because of its extra mineral content. Vitamix® is the choice if you want vitamins only.

Dose: 2.5 g/hL (25 ppm), 100 g/1000G