Tanethyl Effe

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1 Kg

Tanethyl Effe is used for color stabilization in cold soak and for rosé wines. Tanéthyl Effe is an association of ellagic and proanthocyanidin tannins extracted from grape pips by means of a patented system which locks an active ethanol bridge into the tannin. Ethanol bridges have been shown to be greatly responsible for color stabilization and tannin polymerization.The utilization of Tanéthyl Effe is highly recommended for stabilizing colour during cold soak (and the first stage of fermentation) by providing the juice (or fermenting wine) with the ethanol bridges that would otherwise not be present due to low ethanol concentration.This product also contains simple ellagic tannins which give smoothness and color stabilization during the fermentation.

Rosé wines: 5 to 15 g/Hl (1/3 – 1 lb/1000 Gal)
Red wines: 12 to 36 g/Hl (1– 3 lbs/1000 Gal)