500 g

Tani-Grape is a tannin extract composed entirely of grape proanthocyanins. It helps compensate for lack of natural tannin due to grape variety, insufficient ripeness or excessively high yields. Proanthocyanin tannins are naturally present in grapes and act as an antioxidant. Addition of Tani-Grape after primary fermentation can enhance wine structure and body and help to prevent color oxidation. The addition of Tani-Grape stimulates polymerization resulting in the binding of the anthocyanins resulting in a wine which has softer tannins and improved structure.

Application: To be used at any stage of wine production – ideally prior to bottling.

Red, Rose and White wines : 100-400 ppm 0.80 – 3.2 lb / 1,000 gal (10-40 g/hL) or as desired up to 4 lbs / 1,000 gallons.