Uvaferm 43 RESTART Yeast

80g Barrel
8g Carboy

Preacclimated fructophilic yeast for restarting stuck fermentations 

(Use in: Restarts, Late Harvest Wines)

UVAFERM 43 RESTART™ is a preacclimated yeast adapted to quickly restart a stuck fermentation. This yeast is the result of an innovative process developed by Lallemand Oenology using Uvaferm 43™, a strain isolated by Lallemand Oenology in collaboration with Inter-Rhône in France.

43 RESTART’s resistance to stressful conditions of stuck fermentations has been naturally enhanced. Acclimation includes addition of micronutrients, sterols,  and polyunsaturated fatty acids to strengthen 43 RESTART cell membranes. Yeast cells are more robust, acclimate quicker and have a lower mortality rate after inoculation. 43 RESTART is sensory neutral and very malolactic bacteria compatible.

Restart Protocol:

For best results use the 43 RESTART protocol for stuck wines which includes RESKUE™ and FERMAID O™.