Vinmetrica SO2 Acid Solution

100 mL
450 mL

Replenishes the SO2 Acid used when testing for SO2.

Good for approximately 50 or 225 tests, size depending.



Replenishes the SO2 Acid Reagent for the SC-100 and SC-300 kits. Good for approximately 50 -225 tests, size depending. Guaranteed for 6 months. To avoid cross-contamination with other reagents, use a dedicated pipette to dispense the acid reagent. Store reagents in a dark, cool place with the bottle tightly sealed to maximize shelf life. The reagent does not need to be stored in the refrigerator.

ALWAYS use caution when dispensing the acid solution. It is not terribly dangerous but always use laboratory protective eye-wear, gloves and preferably long sleeves, pants and closed toed shoes. If you do happen to get it on you flush with large amounts of water. If the acid solution gets into the eye, walk over to a sink and flush water in your eye for 10-15 minutes, call 911 if there is any concern and consult a poison control agency, in the US call 1-800-222-1222. For poison control in other countries check out this website.