Economy vinometer for providing a quick measurement of alcohol in wine. Simply place a few drops in the tube and read its alcohol content on the scale. It is designed to measure dry wines with an alcohol content between 0% and 25%. Stronger wines can be tested by diluting the sample by 1/2 and then multiplying the result by 2. Sweeter wines with residual sugar can also be tested using the dilution method but will provide approximate results. The clear glass a white background for easy testing and viewing of red wines. It is not suited for sparkling wine, beer or any beverage that may have residual sugar or carbonation.

To use, fill the funnel half-full with wine. Allow up to 6 drops to drip from the bottom of the tube. Turn the vinometer upside down to allow any liquid in the funnel to flow out. When the liquid inside the tube comes to rest, record the alcohol content. Please note that this is designed to provide a fast, general measure of alcohol content rather than a highly precise measure.