25 years of fermentation excellence now in active dry form! After 25 years of significant success in liquid form, WS yeast is now available as an Active Dry Yeast. Isolated from late harvest Zinfandel from Williams-Selyem Winery, WS is considered one of the most robust California yeast strains. It is well-suited for a wide spectrum of red and white varietals and is recommended for fermentation of high °Brix juice and to restart stuck or sluggish fermentations. Enartis Ferm WS respects varietal and terroir characters and augments fruit and spice expression, while contributing to both excellent complexity and structure enhancement with soft tannin extraction. It is particularly recommended for the production of high alcohol wines destined for medium to long-term ageing.
Application: Wide spectrum of red and white varietals, particularly Pinot Noir and Zinfandel; fermentation of must with high °Brix; restart stuck or sluggish fermentations.
Dosage: 200 g/ton or 20-40 g/hL (1.67-3.3 lb/1,000 gal)