Zenith Color


Strongly effective for potassium bitartrate and color stabilization in red and rosé wines. Rapid and easy-to-use, ZENITH® COLOR is a great alternative to physical treatments (cooling, cations exchange resins and electrodialysis) and other stabilizing agents.  

ZENITH® COLOR’s components were chosen in order to develop a stabilizing agent that is:

  • Strongly effective for tartrate stabilization: potassium polyaspartate interferes with the formation and growth of potassium bitartrate crystals, thus preventing their precipitation in bottle. ZENITH® COLOR can stabilize highly unstable wines.
  • Long-lasting stabilizing effect: ZENITH® COLOR can stabilize wines for a few years.
  • Effective for color stability: gum Arabic Verek prevents the precipitation of unstable color compounds present in wine.
  • Filterable: ZENITH® COLOR does not impact wine filterability. The special processes for the production of gum Arabic reduces its clogging effect allowing its use before final filtration.
  • Environmentally sustainable: the use of ZENITH® COLOR to stabilize wines for tartrates consumes small amount of water, power and produces little greenhouse gases.
  • Respectful of wine quality: no impact on wine sensory profile, no need for fining or removing unstable color, less risk of oxidation, preservation of aromatics, color and wine structure.
  • Practical, fast and easy: Its application does not require investment in special equipment or specific skilled labor.

Dosage: 150- 200 mL/hL (maximum permitted dosage in EU is 200 mL/hL)