Essential Antioxidant

ESSENTIAL ANTIOXIDANT helps to protect delicate aromas and color from oxidative damage. This new tannin is highly purified and offers the highest rate of antioxidant protection of all the tannins within our portfolio.
  • Can inhibit laccase damage on Botrytis infected grapes
  • Protects aromas and color of aromatic juice and wine/cider that are susceptible to enzymatic browning
  • Minimal impact on mouthfeel
  • Highly effective gallnut tannin
  • Minimum contact time: 3 weeks

Recommended Dosage:
  • Juice: 3-6 g/hL (30-60 ppm) (0.25-0.5 lb/1000 gal)
  • Oxygen sensitive juice: 5-10 g/hL (50-100 ppm) (0.42-0.83 lb/1000 gal)
  • Wine/cider: 1-4 g/hL (10-40 ppm) (0.08-0.32 lb/1000 gal)
Usage: Dissolve ESSENTIAL ANTIOXIDANT in about ten times its weight of warm water 35–40°C (95–104°F) until fully dissolved. Add gradually during a transfer or pump-over. Good mixing is important. If an addition is made post-fermentation, we recommend waiting 3–6 weeks after the tannin addition before racking, fining, filtering, or bottling.
Storage: Store at 5-25°C (41-77°F) in a dry, well-ventilated, odor-free environment. Once opened, the product must be used rapidly.