Fermobent Pore-Tec



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Bentonite for use during fermentation

FERMOBENT® PORE-TEC is used during fermentation to remove heat unstable proteins as they are formed.
  • May eliminate the need for post-fermentation protein stabilization
  • Preferred addition timing is mid-fermentation
  • Improves the release of CO2 during fermentation
  • Highly purified and has extremely low heavy metal content (iron)
  • Varietal aromas are preserved compared with traditional post-fermentation bentonite additions
  • Helps compact fermentation lees
  • Produced using PORE-TECnology resulting in an almost dust-free bentonite
  • Can be prepared in room temperature water
  • Highly purified sodium-calcium based bentonite
  • Contact Time: During fermentation

Recommended Dosage Bench trials recommended 
  • Fermenting Juice 500–3000ppm (50–300 g/hL) (4.2–25 lb/1000 gal)
Usage: Add FERMOBENT PORE-TEC slowly to approximately 5 times its weight of room temperature water and allow to swell. Allow a rest period of 4–6 hours. Dispose of supernatant and add remaining bentonite slurry to the must while thoroughly mixing. After fermentation, rack off bentonite and gross lees.
Storage: Dated expiration. Store in a dry, odor-free and well-ventilated environment below 25°C (77°F). Reseal opened packaging immediately.