Protects and stabilizes aroma and color compounds against oxidative damage (Aromatic Whites and Rosés)

Glutastar™ is an OMRI-Listed yeast derivative nutrient used early in white and rosé winemaking to scavenge quinones. Quinones quickly lead to oxidative damage when left untreated. By scavenging quinones, aroma compounds and color are preserved. Glutastar is a highly soluble, unique, autolyzed yeast that brings protective qualities of both specialized peptides and reactive glutathione to wines. The effect of Glutastar is long-lasting and its positive impact on varietal and fermentation-derived aromas and wine color contribute to a prolonged wine shelf-life.

Glutastar can be used in no- and low-SO2 winemaking.

Recommended Use:
For use in whites and roses for aromatic and color protection.

The second photo above shows Sauvignon blanc juice with and without Glutastar™ addition! Glutastar is a yeast derivative nutrient used in aromatic whites and rosés to protect and stabilize aroma and color compounds against oxidative damage. Download a copy of our  Winemaking Handbook for more info. 

Recommended Dosage:
30 g/hL 2.5 lb/1000 gal

Mix Glutastar in 10 times its weight of water or juice. Add directly to juice post-pressing for optimal protection. This product is mostly soluble. Stir to maintain suspension before and during addition.

Dated expiration. Store in a cool and dry environment at 18°C(65°F). Once opened, keep tightly sealed and dry.