Preparation of pure mannoproteins and polysaccharides of plant origin specifically selected for colloid stabilisation of wines and to add finesse.

MANNOSWEET® is a 100% natural formulation resulting from LAFFORT® expertise on wine colloids. The mannoproteins are produced using a specific yeast wall hydrolysis process followed by purification using techniques that guarantee and preserve their quality. The combination with selected polysaccharides of plant origin adds to its effectiveness. MANNOSWEET® is a technical solution, based on natural compounds, that preserves the perception of volume and roundness on the palate.

• Contributes to the colloid stabilisation of wine.
• Contributes to the tartrate stabilisation of wine.
• Respects the freshness and aromatic profile of wines.
• Preserves the sensation of volume and roundness on the palate.
• Does not affect wine filterability.