Motorized Crusher Destemmer w/ Stand

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Painted Body
All Stainless Steel
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Motorized Crusher Destemmer with spring loaded, adjustable rubber rollers. Rubber rollers are preferred for a gentler crush. Rollers are spring loaded to allow/protect for the passing of hard item like a rock. They do offer a degree of adjustabiliy, however no hobby model crusher destemmer will allow rollers to be separated far enough to not crush the grapes. These types of crusher destemmers must be fed grapes in a systematic way.  Overloading the hopper will bog down the machine. Internal sainless grate slides out for easy cleaning. 

1) Both 304-Type Stainless Steel  Body, Receiving Bin, Screw Feed, and Destemming Basket and the painted version has an enamel body.
2) A Screw Feed drive receiving bin for continual, faster, hands-free operation
3) Adjustabe Rubber Rollers (adjustment on all small machines, regardless of make, is limited to 5mm because of the way the gears mesh.)
4) A powerful 110V 1HP motor which provides an hourly production of approximately 3000 lbs.
5) Replacement parts are available
6) Big, Red Emergency stop button on motor shuts down the machine in a hurry to help reduce chance of accident

Overall dimensions: 47" long x 19.6" wide x 25" high. Weight: 118 pounds (54KG.)