Vietnam Export Panel



This comprehensive panel is made up of analyses that are most often requested by Vietnam. 


Alcohol by Volume
(Units: % vol, Technique: NIR)

pH Analysis
(Units: g/L, Technique: Manual)

Titratable Acidity (TA)
(Units: g/L, Technique: Auto-Titration)

Volatile Acidity VA (as Acetic Acid)
(Units: g/L, Technique: Enzymatic)

Total Dry Extract
(Units: g/L, Technique: Densitometry)

Total Sugar
(Units: g/L, Technique: Enzymatic)

Free & Total Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
(Units: mg/L, Technique: Aeration Oxidation)

Sorbic Acid
(Units: mg/L, Technique: Distillation / Spectroscopy)

Volume per Bottle
(Units: mL, Technique: Manual)

(Units: ppm, Technique: GC-FID)

(Units: ppb, Technique: ICP/MS)