Vietnam Export Panel


This comprehensive panel is made up of analyses that are most often requested by the Philippines.  Always check with your exported as their requirements may differ. 

The TTB lists export requirements for specific countries.  We recommend you refer to their website for details. 

Note: Lodi Wine Labs export analysis requires a ready for market package.  Full labeling and complete packaging on the bottle is required.

Free and Total Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
(Units: mg/L, Technique: Sequential Analyzer)

Molecular Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
(Units: mg/L, Technique: Calculation)

Total Dry Extract
(Units: g/L, Technique: Densitometry)

Volatile Acidity VA (as Acetic Acid)
(Units: g/L, Technique: Sequential Analyzer)

(Units: mg/L, Technique: Gas Chromatography)

Sorbic Acid
(Units: mg/L, Technique: Distillation/Spectroscopy)

Titratable Acidity
(Units: g/L, Technique: Auto-Titration)

(Units: pH, Technique: Manual)

Total Sugar
(Units: g/L, Technique: Sequential Analyzer)

(Units: % vol, Technique: NIR)

(Units: ug/L, Technique: ICP-MS)

Volume per Bottle
(Units: mL, Technique: Manual)